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Essex Warriors at SELWG

Many thanks to Les, Richard and Andrew for organising the game, figures and terrain for SELWG this year. Also thanks to Peter, Jason and Richard for their help running the game on the day.

The game  was well received and everyone had a good time.

Open Day Thanks

Many thanks to everyone who helped out at the Open Day this year. We would particularly like to thank Joyce, Bob and Peter Latter for their help with the canteen and those members who brought home made treats including Sue and Andrew. Thanks also to Tim, Peter Kemp and Dave for their sterling work on the Bring and Buy.

We also had some great games that showcased the club and what we can do.

Apologies if I have missed anyone out, but my thanks to all involved


Peter Grimwood

Secretary Essex Warriors

Essex Warriors Open Day 2016

ESSEX WARRIORS OPEN DAY is rapidly approaching and we hope to see you there. The event takes place on Sunday 25th September 2015 from 10am to 4pm at Writtle Village Hall, 18, The Green, Writtle, Essex, CM1 3DU (opposite the duck pond)

See the ‘How To Find Us‘ page for directions.

Entrance is FREE. As usual, in addition to the various games, we will be running a Bring & Buy and a Refreshments Stall. For the Bring & Buy, a sales form and instructions are available

Reminder re Essex Warriors Open Day 25th September

Just a reminder that the Annual Open Day on 25th September is approaching fast. Please let any of your friends and family that might be interested know about it and mention it on your blog or Facebook to anyone who may be interested.

Also start getting those items ready for the bring and buy.  It always takes longer than you think so get them listed up in advance to help speed up things on the day.


Peter Grimwood

Secretary, Essex Warriors

Wagram Mega Game 3rd April 2016

Wagram offers a massive Napoleonic battle in 15mm and will be our first Mega Game of the year on 3rd April. Please contact Les Mills if you are interested in playing; there are lots of roles available. The original battle was fought on 5th and 6th July 1809 and saw Napoleon take on Arch Duke Charles in a climactic battle which was a close run thing.

Due to the large size of the game there will be limited space for other games on the day ( We reckon around five other spaces for two tables). Colin has kindly offered to monitor this so please contact him in advance to make sure there is room for your game. We are trying to avoid anyone turning up for a game and being disappointed by the lack of space.

Thank you

Open Day Thanks

Many thanks to Chris from Games Gazette and Andy from Andy’s Models and their partners for supporting our Open day again this year. Also thanks to the Wigmore Warriors and SEEMS clubs who turned up and put on games for us.
And many thanks to all the Essex Warriors who helped out on the day. It was a great team effort and helped promote the club and generate useful income towards the club’s expenses.