Essex Warriors DBM Tournament 2019

Entries are invited for Essex Warriors DBM Tournament 2019. The tournament is being organised by this year’s winner, Drew Jarman, and will be played over four rounds using the 32-0 BHGS scoring system with each round spread over three months starting immediately on or after the AGM, which takes place on 6th January 2019.

Players should be aware that entering the tournament commits them to playing four games of DBM using their chosen army during 2019. Entrants should submit one 400 point army list, taken from either the DBM 2nd Edition Lists or the DBMM Revised lists up to 1500 AD. Players may not chose from both list versions in the same army selection, e.g. if using the DBM list they can’t take a DBMM ally contingent or vice versa. Players must also specify the exact date of their chosen army along with list version and book number, its Aggression Rating and Geographic Region to avoid any confusion.

Entries are required by the 16th December 2018 meeting with the lists submitted to Drew by email over the Xmas holiday up to and including the 31st December 2018. Drew has already contacted those who took part in this year’s contest. If you have not already received an invitation and are interested in entering, please contact Drew Jarman direct at