A Writtle Bit of Lard – Lardies Day at Essex Warriors

Instead of our traditional Open Day this year Essex Warriors are putting on A Writtle Bit Of Lard, a day long extravaganza of games using Two Fat Lardies rules.

Games will be presented by Essex Warriors and guests from other clubs. The gathering will be graced by the presence of Mr Richard Clarke of the Two Fat Lardies.

The event will take place from 9:30 am to 5 pm on Sunday 30th September at Writtle Village Hall 18, The Green, Writtle CM1 3DU (free parking in the Village Car Park). Admission to the event will be free. *

This year there will be no Bring and Buy but attendees are free to bring wargaming items for sale on their own account. Free teas and coffees will be provided but there will be no formal canteen.

*Edit: When this event was originally announced  on 11th June, it was planned that admission would cost £3. However, Essex Warriors Committee have since agreed to change the event to a free one. Intending players will still have to book their place though. See next post for details.