Open Day 2013

A word from our President on the success of the 2013 Open Day:

Last Sunday’s Open Day ranks as one of the most successful ones that I can remember. Not only did the Bring & Buy (JJ’s armies not included) and the Canteen monies yield historically high amounts, but also the participation both in terms of members taking active roles and the general attendance staying on throughout most of the day was impressive. In addition, the few traders we had expressed their satisfaction with the event, an essential factor in any Open Day. Wayland Games were particularly pleased with sales and mentioned that they would be pleased to return next year.

I wish to express my thanks to all of you for your fine effort and making it such an enjoyable day.

Below is a list of members’ contributions to the event:

Demo / Participation Games Organised

  • Mike & Sue H.
  • Colin & Peter G.
  • Jason & Mark
  • Mike F. & Richard
  • Allan & Bob P.
  • Richard G.
  • Chris

Bring & Buy

  • Peter H.
  • Tim
  • Peter K.
  • Les
  • Dave
  • Drew


  • Joyce
  • Bob
  • John
  • Ian
  • Paul

We have also received emailed thanks from the Wigmore Warriors, who wished us to pass on their “best wishes to everybody behind the scenes (including the makers of the lovely cakes)”.

Many thanks,


P.S. Please accept my apologies if I neglected or forgot anyone.

There are also some pictures from the event, thanks to John Davis. If anyone would like to provide any descriptions or comments to go along with the various activities, please let me know and I’ll add them.