Essex Warriors DBM Competition 2015 Entrants and Draw

These are – in no particular order – the competitors and army lists for the 2015 DBM competition:

1 Paul Brady.                   Book 4 Feudal English

2 Tim Myall                      Book 3 Christian Nubian

3 Peter Hockaday        Book 4 Medieval German

4 Peter Kemp                 Book 2 Palmyran

5 Bob McDermot         Book 3 Central Asian City States

6 Drew Jarman             Book 3 Khurasanian (Samanid)

7 Rafael Fonseca          Book 4 Later Crusader

8 Chris Dearlove          Book 3 Norman

9 Les Mills                        Book 1 Mycenean

10 Richard Gravatt    Book  2 Middle Imperial Roman

An interesting mix of books and armies, if a bit Kn heavy! The draw is as follows. As John D is not playing this year, seeds are Bob (1) Drew(2) Peter K (3) and Tim (4), based on last years performance, split 1 and 3, 2 and 4. the rest were random See below:


Pool1                                  Pool2

Bob McDermot          Drew Jarman

Peter Kemp                  Tim Myall

Paul Brady                    Les Mills

Peter Hockaday        Richard Gravatt

Rafael Fonseca           Chris Dearlove

I suspect my relatively Kn light army is looking at the bottom of the table already! Sorry it’s now four games each; more players entered than expected last week.

Richard Gravatt