Club DBM Competition 2014 Results

This year’s Club DBM Competition was won by John Davis with 231 points (from a possible total of 288). Second was Bob McDermott with 204 points and third was Drew Jarman with 173. Congratulations to the winners!

A total of ten players started the competition in February but two had to drop out for personal reasons. All the armies were contemporary with period covered by DBM Book 4 (i.e 1071 AD to 1500 AD) although some of the actual army lists were taken from overlapping Book 3 selections. The armies used were: Later Hungarian (John Davis 1st place), Tamil Chola Empire (Bob McDermott 2nd place), Medieval German (Drew Jarman 3rd place), Yuan Chinese, Christian Nubian, Mongol Conquest, Later Swiss, Italian Condotta, WOTR Yorkist and Sung Chinese. The competition was scored using the BHGS scoring system which awards players 32-0 points per game; this system rewards both the scale of victory and the difference in casualties caused, thus reducing the possibility of 50/50 ties.

The club is grateful to Richard Gravatt for organising the competition. Ever the glutton for punishment, Richard has offered to run another competition in 2015 and discussions regarding format and period are currently underway.